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Things To Remember Before Investing in Crypto

Thu, 07 Nov 2019.

Egbunem Solomon

Cryptocurrencies are in the LimeLight for many years. It’s been a great topic to discuss. Many of the people are still not aware of what is real business of Crypto? You may have heard that people make a million dollars from the Crypto or at the same time, people lost thousands of dollars in this Crypto game. But who doesn’t wants fast profit? Some quick money earn! Many people do not understand the investing culture, never plan how to invest, and research before investing.

Well, if you are still not sure why to invest, then let me clear up some points! It’s not a bubble, because BTC raised from 750$ to 10,000$ in one year, people are adopting, businesses are securing payments through BTC or another Crypto. If you will not invest now then and you will regret later when the price goes up, and you will get missed out the chance to get some crypto for cheap. But before investing in any Crypto, remember the following points for sure.

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Be Ok With Taking Calculated Risks

There is always a risk factor in every business. If you think just Crypto is the risky investment that’s not the point, it’s entirely debatable. But Crypto market is highly volatile; it is not a fixed asset, because it’s a digital asset, sometimes it grows up and down. So do a proper calculation and invest that much, only you can afford to hold for the long term.

Remember That There are Other Coins

Before few years Bitcoin is the only the king of Crypto. No other coins are near to it. Still, BTC is the king of Crypto undoubtedly. But there are lots of other tokens and coins, which are highly promising, and tend to give good returns. So look over other currencies too while you are planning to make some investments in Crypto. You can follow to take crypto market follow-ups.

Think About the Utility That the Coin Is Bringing Into The System

Every ICO has some business in backends. Maybe a real or virtual store, but associated. After you analyze a coin, you must check the white paper of the token too. A proper white paper gives all possible ideas about business, and why tokens get offered. If that white paper is promising, and you can see the growth, then only tends to invest your money.

Source: Bitcoin News

Ease of Trading using That Coin

Exchanges must widely adopt the token you are choosing to invest. Sometimes for liquidity, you need to change the tokens from one to another, but some symbols don’t allow an exchange. That’s why do proper research before investing.


That’s all the checkpoints you need to check before planning to invest in any token. Well, if you want to be safer side, do invest in multiple coins. Choose proper buying and storing platform to save your Crypto.

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