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3 Reasons to Implement Live Chat on Your Site

Thu, 07 Nov 2019.

Egbunem Solomon

Most companies have websites that describe the products they sell and the services they offer, and list the company’s contact information. Many of these websites can be used for online shopping, which is a widespread and efficient way for companies to sell their products.

A well-designed and easy-to-use website gives companies an internet and social media presence that can help promote the company’s name and brand. Companies can make their website stand out from their competitors’ websites by including a live chat feature.

Company websites could be more helpful if they included a live chat feature that would allow clients to instantly contact company representatives.

Here’s why implementing it could be beneficial.

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Instant communication

By using live chat, clients can instantly reach a service representative and get the assistance they need, without ever leaving the webpage they were on. They can browse, shop, or look up relevant information as they need to, all while staying connected to a live representative.

Live chats can take place on computers, smart phones, tablets, and other technological devices. This allows customers to get in touch with representatives and have their concerns addressed no matter where they happen to be located. Enabling customers to have such accessibility is beneficial for a company’s growth and helpful in improving a company’s customer service reputation.

Companies can enable a unique kind of live chat on their website by using an omnichannel communication platform offered by companies like Bright Pattern. In addition to live chats, the platform allows uninterrupted, personalized communication between a customer and a representative via emails, SMS, and phone calls. This platform has the advantage of being able to withstand thousands of customers and representatives engaging in communication simultaneously.

Increase sales

If a shopper emails or calls a service representative while trying to purchase something on a company site, they may have to wait in a queue. The waiting process may become frustrating and if they wait too long for assistance, they may lose interest in the product and forgo the purchase.

Having live support agents readily available through live chats could help make purchasing decisions much easier. Customers are more likely to proceed with their purchases if they reach out to a representative via live chat, because they are guaranteed an immediate response.

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Customer retention

There is rarely, if ever, a queue for a live chat. So customers could feel more comfortable communicating via live chat compared to other forms of communication. That’s because, without a queue, they may not feel rushed when describing their problem.

A live chat is ideal for consumers who might be more comfortable typing things out rather than talking face-to-face or speaking over the phone. Implementing a live chat on a company website gives them another way to have their concerns and opinions acknowledged.

Customers who feel like their needs get acknowledged are more likely to trust the company and become regular consumers. These shoppers are likely to spend more money on products and services, and refer family members, friends, and others in their network to the company.

Good companies know that the key to their growth and success is customer satisfaction. Excellent customer service and client satisfaction are two of the goals behind the omnichannel communication platform.

Implementing live chats on websites enables customers to interact with the company in a direct, efficient way that demonstrates to them that their customer experience matters.

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