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How to Stop your Dog from Barking

Tue, 07 Apr 2020.

Egbunem Solomon

A dog is one of the best pets that everyone loves. Dogs have different colors, shapes, and sizes. They are friendly, and they perform a lot of roles in human life. They play different roles in human lives, such as herding, hunting, protection, assisting military and police, companionship, security, pulling loads, therapeutic, and more. That’s why dogs are known as “man’s best friend.”

This article will enlighten you on two important things. These are:

  • Methods and techniques to “How to stop your dogs from barking,” and
  • Reasons why dogs are barking until it becomes so annoying to hear

Methods and Techniques on How to stop your Dogs from Barking

If your dogs are barking so loud and it is annoying to hear, don’t worry about it. There are methods and techniques that you can do to lessen the barking of your dogs.

Here are the methods and techniques:

1st: Distraction Would Help

Dogs are like humans; they get bored in their life, especially if they’re alone. Give toys to your dogs so that they got plenty of toys to play with, especially if you are going out, and you left your dog alone at your house. But if the noise outside is the cause why your dog barking, just play your tv or radio to drown the noise away. It could help too to your dog to soothe separation anxiety. But if your dogs can’t stop barking even you give distraction, try to use Barx Buddy Device. Don’t worry because this device may apply at any kind of breed. Barx buddy device is easy to use, and you can have it whenever you are, and you can use it if your dog shows his bad behavior visit at holgadirect for more information about Barx buddy stop dog barking device.

2nd: Keep Your Dog’s Active

If your dogs are busy, they are not feeling sad, and it may lessen their time of barking. It will be more helpful if you take them in regular fitness games for dogs like fetch and frisbee or on walking.

3rd: “Quite” Command Lesson

When your dogs are barking, let him bark at least three to four times, then using your clear and calm voice to say “quiet.” Hold his muzzle gently then drop an object that makes noise to distract him from barking. After he does the “quiet” command, give him a treat. But be careful, and remember, don’t reward him if he is barking. After the time, he could realize that if he responds to the word “quiet,” he has rewards after.

4th: Changing Routines

Dogs can feel boredom to their everyday routine just like us, and that’s one of the reasons why they are barking compulsively. Make some changes in the life routine of your dog. If he stays in the crate, let him stay at one of the rooms in your house, and he can feel his freedom. But if your dog stayed in the back or front yard, put him at the crate so that it might be new surroundings for them.

5th: Work Your Dog’s Brain

Dogs fast to recognize the threats if they have obedience training, either in-home or class. In practice, they might learn to do intensive training for an anti-barking solution.

6th: Meet And Greet Lesson

Dogs barks when they greet people or other animals, try to train them in a gentle way of greeting. Use your calm and low-key voice when you do greetings at the front of your door. Remember, always let toys near the door and train your dog to pick or get it through their mouth and keep it holding before you open the door. When you’re walking out with your dog, and you are passing by with people, dogs, or other animals offer tasty treats to distract him.

7th: Barking? No Reward

When your dog is still barking, don’t let them have treats, don’t encourage your dog howling through your behavior. When they are barking, and you give them treats, they might think that they could have treats every time they bark. All the things or train that you’ve done might be useless if you do this type of techniques. Just give them treats if they are quiet and do good.

It will take time to train your dog behavior, but when the times go by, you can see the changes. And your relationship with your dog becomes stable, and you would able to see and make sure that his needs are met.

The Reason Why Dogs Are Barking Until It Becomes So Annoying To Hear

If you have a dog and they are howling so loud, don’t get annoyed with them because there is a reason why they are doing that. Here are the reasons why dogs are barking:

1. Territory

A dog excessively barks when they saw other animals or humans that go near their known area. When an animal or person gets nearer to the land, dogs become more aggressive, and their barks become louder.

2. Greeting

There are times that dogs bark when they greet other animals or people. This type of their barking is a happy one with their tail wagging and sometimes with a jumping.

3. Fear

Dogs bark when they see someone or hear some noise of an object that catches their attention or surprise them. It could be happening anywhere, not just in their territory at home.

4. Loneliness

Dogs are usually guarding our house. That’s why they are the ones left at home or in the yard while you are at work. When they feel lonely, they start to bark because of unhappy surroundings, without someone to look after them or play with them.

5. Seeking for Attention

When the dog wants to play, go around outside, or want a treat, they are barking to get the attention of someone or their owner.

6. Separation Anxiety

When your dogs have separation anxiety, they often excessively bark when you left them alone. Destructiveness, pacing, depression, and inappropriate elimination are the symptoms that they can exhibit.

We can’t blame our dogs if they are barking because that is part of their life. Most often than not, it is their way to communicate to its owner and other dogs. And if they are barking, don’t be got angry fast, just know first what the reason why they are barking. Sometimes they do it because of some possible threats, and they are just trying to protect us.

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