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How To Travel And Be Fashionable At The Same Time

Thu, 09 Apr 2020.

Egbunem Solomon

There is no reason why you should not look glamorous when you travel, no matter what most people think. You will be faced with a lot of hassle from jet lag, luggage hauling, and flying, but if you plan, there won’t be any real problems, and you will end up looking great during your entire getaway.

Traveling does not mean not being fashionable. You can always look incredibly well, no matter where you are and what travel method you choose.

Here are some great actionable tips to help you do exactly that.

Research Your Destination

Before you even think about what to pack, you need to learn all that you can about the destination you travel to. This will offer valuable information, like the average temperatures, how often it rains and what locals wear. Remember that when you travel, you want to blend in. This means the clothes that you pack should be similar to what locals wear so you can blend in.

Whenever you read about the destination, make sure also to watch some clips on YouTube. This will help you to notice how life is there. Based on what you see, you can choose wonderful clothes that will be functional, appropriate, and fashionable at the same time.

Respect The Three Color Rule When You Pack Clothes

After you learn about the destination, it is time to make a list of the clothes that you should pack. This is quite difficult to do since we often want to pack as much as we can, just to be ready.

One of the big problems with packing is that you have so many clothes that you have no idea what actually to take with you. A good trick to get over that is to pick all clothes in 3 coordinating colors. You can choose them based on your destination and quickly look online for one on if you need more.

As an example, when you go to an urban destination, a combination of navy and charcoal, black and white works really well if you decide to go on a vacation and visit the beach, off-white, khaki, and brighter hues (yellow or orange) work well.

Make sure that you pack some highly-practical clothes, like jeans, pants, a blazer, and a beautiful striped button-down. When you have such practical clothes with you, it is straightforward to move around even when countless people in an airport surround you.

Don’t Pack Too Many Shoes

You do not need to pack over 3 pairs of shoes when you travel. What you need is a pair of exercise sneakers, low boots (or sandals), and comfortable daytime shoes as a woman. If you are a man, 2 pairs are usually enough, like loafers and sneakers.

You do not have to rely on gender roles. The goal is to pack light so you want to choose only some pairs that can serve different purposes. Think about what activities you will be involved in when you reach the destination. For instance, will you be attending a conference? In this case, you need a pair of shoes that are appropriate for the conference but that you can also wear on a leisure stroll.

Wear Exercise Gear When Flying

One thing that many do not realize is that modern exercise clothes are more and more fashionable. When you fly, especially during a long flight, exercise clothes are great. They neatly fold and fit into any bag you might have with you. For instance, as a woman, you might want to consider some compression leggings, and as a man, you want to consider a track jacket or track pants.

Most people wear clothes that are not at all comfortable when they fly. The same goes when on a train and even when drying a car. This makes it very difficult to move around, especially in seats that have limited available space. Wearing exercise gear is preferred, and this does not mean that you should not look stylish. Use accessories or wear extra-stylish exercise gear.

Use The Right Accessories

The appearance of the entire outfit can be changed with some beautiful accessories. As you travel, be sure to pack some good costume jewelry, like oversized earrings and cocktail rings. Also, put your makeup inside a sleek pouch you can also use as a bag for evenings. Alternatively, as a man or a person that does not wear jewelry, bright socks with fun patterns can easily add personality even when outfits are really simple.

Fortunately, we all have numerous accessories that can be considered. The golden rule is to take with us those that work with many outfits. This helps since it keeps the luggage lighter.

Pack A Flexible, Dressy Outfit

When you need to participate in a formal event, you are tempted to choose some great dresses or suits. You do not have to do this since such clothes occupy a large part of the space you have available. As a woman, you can always go for the beautiful and practical slip dress, combined with bold earrings and high-heeled sandals. Men can choose slacks, a flexible blazer, loafers, and a suitable white shirt.

The goal when you pack is to choose items that can be used for more than one situation. Clothes that you can use to create a different outfit or clothes that are easy to pack without being bulky should be preferred.

Final Thoughts

Traveling light is always a priority, but this does not mean that you should not look fashionable during your travels. Always choose those clothes that are versatile, and you will be able to look glamorous, no matter where you go. Do not sacrifice your looks just because you travel.

Do not forget about the tips mentioned above and in the event that you do not know what to pack, look at those clothes that can serve multiple purposes. Chances are, those are the very best for you on your trip. Obviously, you want to choose those that are fashionable.

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