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5 Best Casinos To Visit In Australia

Thu, 23 Apr 2020.

Egbunem Solomon

Ah, Australia, the land where what doesn’t kill you only tries to do it the next day. But that’s not everything Australia is popular for; It has some pretty great casinos.

If you’re thinking about a trip in the land down under, then do consider a trip to the casino. In a bit to try and describe why you should really do it, we are going to write an article about the 5 best casinos to visit in Australia.

So, if you like a little bit of poker or slots, then make sure to follow through on our list. With all that said, let’s start.

1. The Star

While not essentially the capital of Australia, Sydney remains as the main entertainment hub of the land down under. Although we completely understand why anyone would mistake Sydney for the capital, why do famous people love living here?

Sydney is the most famous Australian city and the one with the most attractions. You probably won’t be bored here, and a huge reason for that are the casinos.

The Star is the place to be if you’re looking for 5-star hotel accommodation with its very own gambling establishment. It is also the only hotel in Sydney that has managed to get on Forbes’ list.

But The Star is a huge complex that has its own boutiques. It is categorized as an urban resort that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each and every year.

If you’re interested in some gambling while in Sydney, The Star is where to be.

2. Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex

Now we’re going to travel from Sydney to Melbourne and straight inside the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex.

Melbourne is a city that is just as entertaining as Sydney. It is also the cultural and sport’s hub of the country, but it very much rivals Sydney in terms of impressive gambling hotels and resorts.

One such is the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex that registers more than 10 million visitors a year! Yep, you heard that right, more than 10 million visitors!

But why is that? Well, for starters, the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex is a massive 510,000 m2 complex that lies on the river Yarra. It exists since 1997 and it is the most successfully run gambling establishments in the whole of Australia and the entirety of the Southern Hemisphere.

There are more than 3,500 machines and tables for you to play your favorite game. Also, the entire complex is made out of four hotels and world-famous restaurants where some of the world’s most famous chefs cook.

If you’re after a terrific night out that involves eating and gambling, the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex should definitely satisfy your needs.

3. Treasury Casino & Hotel

Located in Brisbane, Treasury Casino & Hotel is a lifestyle for some of the people in the capital of Queensland. Life here can be described as “work hard, play hard” and the Treasury certainly makes good on that name.

This next establishment is part of yet another massive complex that has more than 6 bars and 4 restaurants, although only one hotel.

In the middle of all this is the casino, where taking a stroll around it will only impress you even more. This is because renovations took place back in 2008 and in 2014. During both renovations, the hotel spent more than $60 million to make the casino rank as world-famous.

After the renovation, we can certainly agree that they’ve managed to do just that. After the renovations, more than 1300 machines were added and an additional 80 poker, blackjack, roulette, and craps tables.

While it might not compare to the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex, it is still a sight to be admired.

With all that said, we’re currently suffering from the negative effects of the Coronavirus. That means that hotels and gambling institutions are working in a limited capacity if working at all.

That means satisfying your need for the slots might be a harder task to ask for. Luckily for you, you could always transition to the online world and try your luck at some of Australia’s online casinos. For more information on that, make sure to visit

4. Adelaide Casino

Adelaide might be less entertaining than the rest of Australia’s major cities, but it is still one that can pack a punch or two.

Solely responsible for keeping the city relatives are the amazing beaches and the Adelaide Casino complex.

Located on the historic river Torrens and into the old Railway building, Adelaide gives you more than one reason why you should be trying your luck there.

With dozens of machine and card games such as blackjack, poker, slots, baccarat, Vegas star roulette, and tons of others, Adelaide Casino has some of the most impressive jackpots wins in the entire country.

On average, the complex registers 15 jackpot wins a day, with a major jackpot win once every week. That gives you enough reasons to visit the Adelaide Casino and try your luck on some of the games they offer.

Also, if you’re after the luxurious life, the establishment offers a VIP experience that will make your stay unforgettable.

5. Wrest Point Casino

And the final one we’ll be talking about is the Wrest Point Casino in Tasmania. The island-state is a holiday destination that you’ll never forget.

But one more factor responsible for that is the Wrest Point complex. The Wrest Point has been described by tourists as one of the most laid-back resorts, despite booming with tourists.

Also, the Wrest Point was the first gambling establishment to open in Australia, dating back to 1973. This makes it the oldest running casino, a title that even the Treasury, Crown, and The Star would be envious of.

It might not be as big as its competitors, with only 650 machines and tables for you to gamble on, but it has a history far more precious than money.

Tasmania makes an excellent holiday destination, and the Wrest Point is the place where you should stay to live through that experience.

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