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5 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying a House

Mon, 18 May 2020.

Egbunem Solomon

Are you planning to buy a house? Congratulations, that is great news! However, it certainly brings you a lot of questions. You’re probably asking yourself: What is the benefit of hiring an agency when you can inquire and do so many things by yourself? Although now, in the age of modernization, it is easier to get information – there are still many benefits that you can get when hiring a real estate agency. We will try to answer the X questions that most people ask before starting a home purchase.

The Role Of The Real Estate Agency

How many times in our lives have we been able to sell or buy real estate? Most of us did it maybe once or twice. When selling or buying real estate, the amount of money that is turned over – usually represents 90-95% of the total assets of the participants in the transaction. That fact is a sufficient reason for caution and seriousness when conducting a sale. Therefore, it is very important how you will make the sale. The real estate agent is certainly the most reliable partner in this kind of business.

Buying A House

Many of us are inclined to consult relatives, friends, neighbors when buying a new house – all except people who are professionally trained and licensed to perform this work. If someone advises you to embark on an adventure called buying a house on your own – you can expect everything due to such a decision. In most cases, such processes take a long time and have an uncertain end. Very often, in such situations, time is not an ally – and it often happens that due to the duration of the purchase, market conditions worsen. Besides, when buying a property on your own, we come into contact with unknown people and can be exposed to unexpected situations. The only right decision is to contact professionals – a licensed real estate agency.

Questions You Must Ask Before Buying A House

You are probably wondering what is the benefit of hiring an agency when you can do a lot of stuff on your own. According to, there are so many benefits of hiring a local real estate agency. Only in the initial step of buying or selling will you avoid advertising on the Internet, sharing the post via social networks waiting for an answer – and where are all the other things that follow after that? Below we will tell you what are the main advantages of hiring the agency and what are the questions you need to ask before buying real estate.

1. Why Hiring A Real Estate Agency When Buying A House?

First of all, because the agency will be of great help to you – both in practical and legal terms. Real estate agents are there to help the buyer find a property within their budget. They will present to you all the advantages and disadvantages of real estate that buyers are interested in – and will help both owners and buyers negotiate the price and terms of sale. The price of real estate is determined by the market – and agents are very familiar with how real estate prices move. That is why the agents are there to negotiate the price – and find the best solution for both buyers and sellers. The legal team, on the other hand, is there to draw up a sales contract in cooperation with the agents, and to point out certain irregularities in the documentation, if any. In most real estate agencies, the legal team, in addition to drawing up contracts and pre-contracts – helps with advice on registering a mortgage, giving a pledge statement, and checking that the documentation is complete.

2. How To Choose A Real Estate Agency?

You have decided to buy an apartment, a house, or a business space – and now you are wondering how to choose a real estate agency. You will not find a large number of agencies in this business. Some of them have been in business for years and have a great reputation in the real estate world. It is up to you to choose the one that you think will suit you best. Here, we will reveal to you how and according to which criteria to choose the best real estate agency.

See the offer of the real estate agency

The first step is always to check the website of a real estate agency. The website should contain the entire offer, terms of use, and business price list. You will recognize a good agency by the diverse offer of houses and apartments for sale, and a good presentation of each property. A picture always speaks more than words, so when you can look at photos, videos, and still see all the information about the equipment in one place – you know that someone has been hired to show the property as it is.

3. Will Hiring A Real Estate Agent Save Us Time?

Yes! If you have decided to buy a property, in a variety of offers that may not suit you, agents can help you – by narrowing the choice to only those who have all or at least most of the things you want. They will filter the houses according to your wishes, but also according to your financial possibilities – and they will guide you to visit them. With agents, you will not waste time on those properties that don’t have a complete ad – so only when you leave do you see what the situation is like. It is similar if you are selling a property. Agents are there to find all the benefits of your property, to highlight them, and to find serious buyers.

4. What Part Of The Business Does A Real Estate Agency Cover?

We wouldn’t be realistic if we skipped to tell you that one of the important factors in choosing the best real estate agency is a recommendation. Ask your friends, family, and colleagues about real estate agencies – and find out if they were satisfied with their choice. Also, take the opportunity to ask them what part of the job the agency did exactly? Did they have to hire a lawyer in addition to the agency? Could a real estate agent help them with administrative instructions – or was that not the case? These are not just added values – these are services that cost both time and money. Therefore, it is best to know in advance what a real estate agent can provide you.

5. Does The Real Estate Agency Protect You From Fraud?

You will agree that buying a property is a life decision and as such involves a significant amount of money. It is not out of place to be careful when choosing real estate and the people you will work with. It is best to hire an agency. Another option that would be understandable is to get in touch directly with the owner. The fact is that you feel safe with a licensed agent. Pick the agency of your choice, and let the professionals do their job. The trust you gain in the agent is very important. The agent should certainly instill confidence in you. If you want to buy a house, all houses offered by a licensed agent have passed a legal check. The agency researched the documentation in detail – and checked the legality of the facility. There is a lot of stress when buying a house – and the agency is there to reduce that stress or eliminate it.

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